A Big Ol’ Life Update! Summer Slade 2018

Hello hello hello! And happy summer!

August is roaring and summer is unfortunately dwindling down in length…but Slade has been up to some really amazing things and we have some exciting updates to give! Also, our goal is to give this blog a resurgence of life and have it be much more active and fun!!! We plan to continuously post lots of pictures we’ve been collecting, and share our recipes, artwork, poetry etc. — essentially, keep y’all in the loop. And have a place to document all of the life that’s happening before our very eyes!


Slade moved!! We are now living at the lovely 315 Maple Street and have migrated from Fletcher Place. You can find us nestled behind a canopy of trees in the cozy blue-gray house stuck right around Champlain. We have a NASCO flag and a freshly painted tapestry hanging from our balcony (pictures will be included) !!! We also have a very sweet cat named Jimmy who you can find catching mice outside for the lovely Snakey Lucinda.

We have been having Coffeehaus every other Friday – the next one is this coming Friday, 8/17, the last one we will have before school is in session. Please join us!!! (Like our Facebook page to stay in the loop of Coffeehaus dates)

Something BIG that has been an ongoing project the last few months is INCORPORATION! Slade is officially Slade Inc., which has been a process, but gives us a better ability to preserve the future of Slade since we have detached from UVM. We were so wonderfully helped by our friend Corrigan, a representative from NASCO, which is North American Students of Cooperation, and he gave us so many ideas and tools to help Slade through incorporating. We now have a Slade bank account so we can pay our rent and pay local farmers with checks that say Slade, so none of our individual credit scores are threatened wahoooooo!! We created bylaws which help keep the framework of our member expectations, rules and goals as a cooperative! We also have a board made up of Slade Alumni to help us with the difficult things, like managing our money, searching for permanent residency, and handling all of the miscellaneous things that we struggle to do as full time students. Basically, having the Inc. title gives us a solid foundation that sets us up to keep Slade around and thriving for many years to come. (This is a super general description of our incorporation journey, but if you are at all interested or want to know more, reach out and let us know!)

Some of the delightful things we have been EATING:

-Zucchini noodles

-So much squash and eggplant ugh ❤

-Pita bread / hummus


-Heck tonz of curry

-Lots of pesto! Hooray for fresh basil!

-Veggie burgers

-Zucchini bread

-BERRRRIESSSS of the blue and straw and black variety



-Peanut butter tempeh for dayz


-Lentil meatballs omg

-Dumpster avocadoes hehe

-Stuffed peppers mmmmz


  • We have a garden plot at Starr Farm in which we’ve been growing a plethora of things! Lots of tomatoes, basil, potatoes, peas, beans, peppers, cukes, you name it! We have really appreciated the opportunity to get more involved in the Burlington community through our plot and meet lovely people with similar interests and goals.
  • We just got back from a retreat weekend camping at Law Island off of the Causeway in which we swam, celebrated each other, ate glorious campfire foods, and reunited under the sun and stars.
  • This past week our very own Mak Baker hosted the Crossroads Literary Magazine launch party at Slade and we had a ton of people over to read the issue, listen to some of the poets read their work, paint some art for our walls, and bask in Mak’s creative genius.
  • Next week we’re looking forward to Slom (Slade Prom), Coffeehaus as I mentioned earlier, and an exciting performance at New Village Farm from some of our favorite talented musical beings, Kayli and Natalie and Julian.

We have had a super enriching summer so far and have been very grateful to establish roots in our new home on Maple Street. Things are going really well and we cannot wait for more people to come through our space and bring all of their magic! Stay tuned for more updates here on the interwebz, our blog will be as poppin as possible!

With Love,


Written by Claire


Help us stick around!

We’re not sorry about the pun. Slade is holding a fundraiser! Our goal is to raise enough money to cover the fees of incorporation by selling wicked cool stickers with the logo you see above. If you’re interested in buying one for $3(ish), get in touch with the Slader Halsey Payne at jhpayne@uvm.edu.

“Incorporation” means that Slade is becoming a legal entity — like City Market or your other favorite co-ops. It will let us fundraise better, have official expense accounts, and hopefully, one day, buy our own house! Exciting stuff, and we need your help to do it.